Tacho is a speedometer, a compass and a weather app.



The speed is shown in kilometers per hour, miles per hour, meters per second or knots.


The distance is shown in kilometers, miles, nautic miles or meters.


The compass shows your direction. It can be configured in SettingsTacho to use true north. The default is the magnetic north.


To improve the accuracy of the compass you should calibrate it before using. To calibrate the compass hold your device flat and face up in front of you and move it in a figure of an eight.


Tacho shows local temperature, wind direction and wind speed. Wind speed is shown in Beaufort, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, meters per second or knots.

The temperature unit can be configured in the Settings app. Go to GeneralLanguage & RegionTemperature Unit. You can switch the temperature unit in the iPhone Weather app too.

System Requirements

Tacho requires an iPad with GPS or an iPhone and iOS 12.2 or above.

Trouble Shooting

The compass shows inaccurate results.

The compass is a sensitive measuring device. It may be disturbed by external influences, such as magnets or shocks. If the compass shows inaccurate results, calibrate it.

The wind needle points to the top and is not locked to the compass.

This might have several reasons:

  • no wind
  • turning wind
  • no data
Weather data is not loaded.

Make sure the switch Weather Conditions in SettingsTacho is enabled and check your network connection.