Fitness tracking for the Apple Watch

With version 1.3, Tacho comes to the Apple Watch. The new Tacho for Apple Watch app allows you to track your bike rides and save them in the Apple Health app on your iPhone. While tracking, the Tacho for iPhone app now shows your heart rate.
You can also use the watch app entirely without an iPhone. However, the battery of the Apple Watch lasts longer when your iPhone is in range. In this case the GPS sensor of the iPhone is used.

Sophisticated autopause

The autopause function is optimized for cycling. If, for example, at a traffic light stop the GPS signal jumps back and forth a bit, although you are not moving, these artifacts are discarded. Only when you are really moving again and have covered a certain distance, the time and distance are counted retroactively. The app indicates this pending state by a blinking time. This way, no second is counted too much or too little.

Weather powered by Dark Sky

In the previous versions of the app, the weather data came from OpenWeather. With the current version, the weather data is now powered by Dark Sky. The weather info from Dark Sky is more accurate. Especially the air pressure, which is used for the initial calibration of the barometric altimeter, has a much higher resolution and accuracy.

Improved barometric altimeter

Another highlight is the improved barometric altimeter. In the previous version, the altitude was calculated based on the readings of the integrated barometer and the air pressure and temperature from the weather provider. On the one hand, this type of calculation required an internet connection to load the weather data. On the other hand, the accuracy of the altitude was dependent on the accuracy of this weather data.

With the new Tacho version, the barometric altimeter is additionally calibrated using the altitude data from the GPS signal. It automatically calibrates itself as you move. The combination of GPS, integrated barometer and external weather data allows highly accurate altitude tracking.

Download Tacho on the App Store and let me know how you like the update.